About us

Our company

Density Technologies is an innovative software vendor developing business software solutions for the financial industry and especially for asset management professionals.

The company was created in 2006 its three founders wanting to adopt a new approach in the development of stable and economical software to make sure all types of financial institutions in France and in Europe could benefit from it.

A new generation modular platform allows Density Technologies to adapt to each client’s specific needs by guaranteeing a high quality throughout our operations and ensuring a full coverage of business processes. The fast deployment, the easy interfacing and the intuitiveness of our solutions provide our clients with a quick and easy handling and a controlled growth.

Strong Research & Development investments

To maintain its technological leadership, Density Technologies continues to invest a large amount of its revenues in research and development related to both its technical framework and functional solutions evolution. Our development team is based in Paris (France) and is in permanent contact with our consulting and integration teams. Density has made a strategic decision not to outsource (in Europe or in Asia) its software development.

Trust and partnership relations with our clients

Density Technologies relies on satisfied and loyal customers who are happy to recommend the DT Suite to their own professional networks. Density Technologies has managed to create two way partnership relationships with its clients and to provide high quality services, which contrasts with certain market practices.
The confidence of cour clients in our solutions is our best asset in order to conquer new market shares and to continue our organic growth. This differentiates Density Technologies from other suppliers who have chosen chaotic external growth strategies in order to compensate their lack of internal innovation.

Double skills: Business & IT

Our teams’ expertise in financial software, both among IT companies and financial institutions, allows Density Technologies to be one of the strategic suppliers for buy-side professionals.

The software industry is very special as it greatly fluctuates depending on the quality of the teams: the human capital is the most valuable asset for a business software vendor. In fact, some vendors can collapse in a few years or even semesters if…

There are numerous alternatives to DT suite on the French and European markets, but none of them can guarantee the same quality, reactivity and professionalism as Density Technologies.