DT Platform

DT Suite is a completely integrated solution developed within the same development framework. Both the core and the technical platform of Density Technologies are the result of our Research & Development program to which most of the first three years of the company have been devoted. The Density Framework is a key advantage for our clients as it allows our teams to be very responsive to their evolution requests. It allows us delivering stable and robust solutions which are easily customized by our clients.

Modular solution for various types of use

The Density Framework allows DT Suite to be a fully modular software solution, offering our customers to either acquire the entire Front-to-Back features or only select part of the DT Suite in order to complete their existing information system with additional features.

Modules designed for various user profiles

Our Front-Office modules have been designed for managers, negotiators, sales or partnership managers. Our Middle-Office and Back-Office modules have been designed for controllers, risk managers or to support funds distribution operations.

Depending on each financial institution and company internal organization, these users will play one or several roles and will need to use the associated modules.

Discover the DT Suite essential modules:

Front Office :

Middle-Back Office :