DT Control & Administration

DT Control & Administration is DT Suite Middle/Back Office module, designed for portfolio administration and control. This complete and entirely integrated module allows Internal Control and Middle Office specialists to easily manage NAV calculation, monitoring of operations and Corporate Actions as well as reconciliations with all Fund Services participants.

Portfolio Management

DT Control & Administration allows creating, managing and evolving all types of funds, mandates, sub-portfolios or management accounts in a few clicks thanks to its standardized ergonomics and ease of use. The creation of such products is simplified with pre-filled fields and the ability to duplicate existing funds.

DT Control & Administration provides a wide range of information and can therefore not only manage simple and multi-parts funds, but also management mandates and private management accounts.

NAV Calculation and Reconciliation

DT Control & Administration allows calculating Net Asset Value both according to accounting norms and for Front Office Visualization.

DT Control & Administration enables automatic control and reconciliation of all elements involved in the liquidation value calculation. A complete workflow guides the operator through the different steps of such control operations in an easy and efficient manner.

Corporate Actions management

DT Control & Administration allows an automatic and integrated management of all types of corporate actions and their life cycle through a rich and flexible Securities repository.

Thanks to the integration of data providers’ information, DT Control & Administration allows anticipating and warning for the arrival of future corporate actions as well as calculating coupon payments and reimbursements.

The integrated position monitoring engine allows to verify the impact of corporate actions on all portfolios and to monitor the provisions and payments of these actions.

STP Ticket Workflow

DT Control & Administration offers a powerful, completely modular and automatic (STP), Middle/Back Office ticket workflow management:

  • Calculation of brokers’ fees, research and custodian fees and movement commissions;
  • Configurable status management;
  • Electronic sending/reception to/from Securities Services; and
  • Operations and settlement instructions notice management;


DT Control & Administration also allows managing payment and delivery instructions through SWIFT or pseudo-SWIFT messages. Filling the settlement information is highly simplified thanks to Third-Parties repository.

In conclusion, DT Control & Administration is the perfect tool for funds or mandates management and monitoring, designed for fund managers, mutual fund, insurance and private banking professionals. It will help you to improve your controls, reduce errors and streamline your management steps in order to increase your productivity and efficiency.